Sony PRS 650 is it too old hat?


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I'm toying with the idea of getting my better half an ereader. Having read the vast amount of reviews I've considered the Sony PRS 650 because of it's build quality, touch screen capability and the ability to read books from local libraries and also listen to music in the background. However I am concerned because people are selling theirs to upgrade to??? Is the PRS 650 that old hat?




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Yes I think it's past its best, considering the Kobo Touch @WHSmiths is cheaper and has the latest e-ink tech. Not sure if it had the ability to get books via the library, you'll need to check that up.


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I've had a 650 for over a year now, also a 350 - great for travelling (plus had a previous 350, nicked by son to "help him at University". Goodbye to that, I bought another one) and am review/testing a PRS-T1, the latest generation Sony reader.
I've also had experience with kindle & Bookeen.
Right, regarding the 650, it's a beautiful bit of engineering, mp3, touch-screen, great battery life, card-slot for added memory, or keeping certain things (audio say) on seperately.
If you can find one, in good nick, or new, I'd recommend it. It is a great bit of kit.
The Kobo was/is cheaper, as is/was the kindle, but they feel and look it.
The myth about about e-ink is just that, myth. All the above 3 use exactly the same screen technology, and the same screen. The 650 has touch-screen, works very well, kindle hasnt. And, it's built better than either of them.

Now, the latest Sony, the PRS-T1.
It is priced to face-up the kindle - some places selling it for £115 - £130 - and loses the 650 great aluminium body, but is amazingly light - lightest on the market. All controls are better, faster, as is the touch screen.
I've found it excelllent, and on balance, as an ereader, a better machine.... but... it don't look or feel as good as the 650 !!! I'm definitely not selling mi9ne - or the little 350, which is just a scaled-down 650. They are getting harder and harder to get though - few people get rid of them !
BUT .. here's the thing, the T1 has wifi with browser. Now, all the capabilities aren't useable yet as Sony is still working on it's Sony BookStore, ( they say January ) but you can buy from W'stones, Smiths etc.. I tend to get a lot of my books from the (legal) free libraries like Gutenberg, or MobileRead.
All ereaders should join MobileRead Forums, it's agreat resource, a massive library , advice, freebies, make-specific sections, reccomendations, the works.
And don't use the Reader software if you get the 650, install Calibre, it's much easier !

(Join up on MobileRead, and you'll see all about things like this - practically everything ! ) Hope you find ereading fun - it'll never (I hope) completely replace real books, but it's a fantastic tool to have, and I couldn't be without it now..... and I'll still be using my 650 - not much of a techgeek anyway ! )
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I must agree with rugmike on this one, the sony PRS-T1 is a realy top quality peace of tech. Its so easy to use and the Wi-Fi, music player and touch screen are honestly the best out there. And the ability to rent books from the library is amazing as i still kind of feel cheated playing so much for Ebooks.

My major complaint about the older model was that it was kind of uncomfortable to read one handed and after an engrossing few chapters realy felt the burn on my arm. But this new model is so light I barely notice anything and is so much more convenient than a book if your reading out of the house. My journey into work on the train is so much more enjoyable now.

The build quality on the Sony is so much beater then any others out there currently and is going to last allot longer than some of the cheaper alternatives and well worth any extra moneys paid. my Ebook shelf now far exceeds the value of the reader so i see it as a good investment.

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