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I have a nice Sony 36FS76 TV. The years warranty is about to come up and I've noticed a couple of problems.

There is about an inch wide strip running down the left side of the screen that is slightly out of focus. It's only really noticeable with text like the EPG on sky.

There seems to be a slight darkening of the screen in the top left corner. Only really noticeable against bright images. Sort of a really dark blue/purple haze.

I was just wondering if any of these things are user solvable or if it's time to call the engineer out.

Can anyone give me any advice?

Hi matey

most wide tvs have some sort of vertical bars running down the screen at some point. All my previous ones had but they wernt out of focus?? As for the purple haze, that sounds like magnetic problem. Have you got speakers or amp or even a radiatore near the screen. try unplugging the sety for 30 mins or so then starting it back up. That should sort out the purple spot.

There is a radiator and a speaker about a foot or so away on that side so I'll give the unplugging thing a go.


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