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Sony Problems with Guide plus


Standard Member
Hi Guys
Having sorted out problems with w series tv menu probs and EPG probs on HD/DVD since the Channel 5 retune, I am now having problems with Guide plus

Channel information was either missing all together or would disappear and re-appear :confused:

Last Saturday I re-installed completely, entering my postcode etc which would complete but the download of the files would simply not download - either stopped downloading completely or would take an hour to download say 40%

In the end I gave up when it told me that installation was complete and it would up date itself over the next 24 hours

It is now Wednesday and it has performed two up dates per day and I still have no programme info for many channels

Does anyone have an ideas please?


Roger Thornhill

Active Member
What model do you have?

Do you have to use Guide+ ?

In the Set-Up menu do you get a choice, 'Digital EPG' or 'Guide+' ?

If you can choose 'Digital EPG' then may i suggest you use this. In my experience it is a much better/simpler system.

Of course if you don't get the choice then this is all acedemic!

If you provide a model number some more suggestions may be forthcoming.


Standard Member
Hi Roger

Sony TV is model number KDL-32W5500 currently set to use Guide plus - I like it because it gives you alternative programme times

Sony HD/DVD is RDR-HXD995 and EPG is behaving itself at the moment

I live in the Granada region, Winterhill transmitter and we go completely digital Nov 4 and Dec 2 so I am wondering if that is my problem with Guide plus?

I have read that Guide plus uses an analogue station for downloading files, so will I loose it completely after switchover anyway? Or will it retune to an allocated digital station perhaps?

I re-tuned my analogue stations last night but Guide plus has not completely populated the stations on overnight up date so re-installed completely this morning but usual problem - install is done but download extremely slow and incomplete

Sorry rant over LOL


Roger Thornhill

Active Member
........................I have read that Guide plus uses an analogue station for downloading files, so will I loose it completely after switchover anyway? Or will it retune to an allocated digital station perhaps?.....................................

I am not totally sure, but think you may not be able to use it after switch off.

However, i do know that the current range of Panasonic DVD recorders use a Guide+ based system and they have no analogue tuner! So, it may still work? Someone on here will know for sure.


Standard Member
I am having this problem to!

I can manually download the data to 100% but still know info on channels ive left my tv on standby, also in the granada area north west!

Someone any ideas?


Standard Member
I don't seem to be getting all of the normal Freeview channels on Guide+. I am not getting any of the ITV channels, infact all i seem to have is the BBC channels. Is this correct?


Standard Member
Ive spoke to Sony today, and they said its the guide plus company and they are trying to sort the problem, they know all about it and it should be sorted soon :smashin:


Distinguished Member
You dont have to use guide+ its horrid. The Sony Digi EPG much nicer, quicker and smoother to use.


Whoever told mickmica that they were sorting out the problem was either lying or had no idea what they were talking about because the problem with the guide has been going on for years.

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