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I've got a Sony KV-25K5U TV, about 9 years old. When it's switched on the sound is there but there is no picture - just a blank, black screen. After about 10 minutes the picture comes on - perfect quality. The front standby LED flashes intermittently whilst I'm waiting for the picture to come on.
Anyone any ideas what may be the problem, and if so, is it repairable? Or would I be better off just buying a new TV?


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My mate had a similiar problem wth his Sony TV, although what would be over 20 years old now it may be possible that the cause is the same although the technology has moved on.

The tube neck where it attached itself to the PCB (I'm guessing an earthing or zero volt point) had a dry joint. There was a small gap (it was slithery small) between the PCB solder & tube foil. Once a hot soldering iron went to work on the gap it sprang back to life! I was astonished because that was the only "noticable" problem with it.

EDIT: Only attempt this kind of work if you feel happy and confident to do so. CRT's have lethal killing voltages inside them if they are not given the appropriate time to discharge.


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This Sony set is fitted with the FE1 chassis and was prone to dry joints on the line driver transformer and line output transformer.Unfortunately you have to separate the main pcb from its plastic cradle to get at them.Certainly worth repairing though in my opinion.

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