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Hi all
Hopefully a simple query this one but certainly one that has me stumped !
I have a Sony HDR-1 Handycam that came with Sony PMB. I installed this software on the C drive of my Toshiba laptop and when I plug in the Handycam to the laptop it duly opens PMB and I can download the images and movies to the C drive. I then import the images into Sony Vegas where I then edit them before sending them to DVD Architect and burning them to disc.
Since this initial set up I have brought a Tosiba standalone hard drive and now save the completed Vegas and Architect files on this together with the completed movies in WMV format.
I now want to move PMB to the standalone hard drive as well and then delete it from the C drive to free up space. I seem to be able to copy the entire programme across but how do I get the desktop link to point to the new location and the programme to launch automatically when the handycam is plugged in through the USB cable? Also as an aside the PMB files seem to be linked to the Vegas movies they are used in so deleting them in PMB also seems to remove them in the linked Vegas file. If I can get PMB on to the standalone hard drive will the Vegas files point to the new location automatically or will the links be lost? Is it indeed possible to delete the images in PMB if they are used in Vegas files or do you have to keep them in PMB?
Sorry for the multiple questions but I am sure there is a simple answer lurking here somewhere!
All the best
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