Sony PFM-42X1N - need some setup opinions please :)

Discussion in 'Sony TVs Forum' started by apj30, Mar 7, 2005.

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    Hi guys,

    First time poster here.

    Would like your ideas about my freshly installed setup, it seems good enough at the moment but would welcome any suggestions for improvement.

    Basically I have the following:

    Sony PFM-42X1N display with 5 BNC component and VGA input only.

    Sony DVR-GX700 DVD recorder with RGB and Component output.

    Sky+ (upgraded Pace V2) with RGB output.

    I'm connecting the Sky's TV Scart (RGB) to one of the input Scarts on the DVD recorder. Am then connecting the recorder's output Scart to a Keene RGB2C transcoder.

    Finally, the transcoder is connected to the Component inputs on the TV and as I said, everything works fine, picture quality seems good enough, Sky+ loop-through via the DVD recorder works fine,

    But I have a few niggles, here's where I was hoping you could help :)

    1) The DVD recorder features component output but since my TV only has one set of inputs, that I need to share across the DVD and Sky, I'm using RGB for now to use the loopthrough facility.

    I did try to see if the recorder would output the Sky RGB via its component output but to no avail :( Is this something that should work?

    And I can't have both RGB and component output, it's one or the other.

    (I could maybe use VGA input on the screen but I like to keep this free for the occasional PC use).

    2) I'm also concerned I have too many connections that might degrade the signal:

    Sky to DVD via SCART
    DVD to RGB2C via Scart
    RGB2C to Scart / Phono adapter
    Scart/Phono adapter to RCA component leads
    RCA component leads to RCA -> BNC adapters
    BNC adapters to component input sockets on the screen!

    How can I cut this down? One suggestion is to get a custom lead with RCA on one end and BNC on the other. Or a SCART on one end and BNC on the other. Am really disappointed that I can't do the loopthrough / YUV conversion via the recorder :(

    3) Finally, I have a slightly older JVC SVHS recorder I would like to continue to use. Unfortunately, it only has composite and S-Video output. The DVD Recorder has both of the above inputs but I see no way to convert these to an appropriate signal for the screen without some additional kit (S-Video -> RGB converter?)

    And finally! The component input card documentation states it can receive analogue RGB and Component YUV. Is Analogue RGB what comes out of Sky and if so do I really need the RGB2C transcoder after all?

    Thoughts / comments welcome - thanks in advance!


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