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    Am I the only sad sap who's bought one of these cams?
    Believing all I was told on the What Camcorder Online review (I should have read Camocorder User Online instead!), we bought one at Dixons Duty-Free. Out of the box, the camera looked the dogs' wotsits but as soon as we started using it, there was a huge amount of grain evident when shooting indoors with less than perfect white light. The grain got even worse when using the zoom and this continued when zooming close, even with good bright light. The zoom is also quite blurred when used at the end of its range and is frankly quite disappointing.
    Now I'm not sure what my rights are in returning the camera. It could be that the camera is not faulty though its performance is hardly endearing. I'm awaiting word from Sony on the camera's performance and from Dixons about their returns policy on goods that don't satisfy.
    Anyone else got any comments on the camera or their experiences with Sony/Dixons?

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