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Please can someone help me!

I have a Sony PC8 and i am trying to connect it to the television so that I can record programmes and videos. I can not get the TV programme to appear on the video camera's screen so I can not record anything. I can play a video from the camera onto the TV.

Where am I going wrong, I have been trying for hours.

If anyone can help I will be very greatful.


I've got an older model to you - a PC-100 - and the way I've recorded TV is via a scart socket adapter (make sure it's an 'out' one though.....).
You plug the 'out' adapter into the TV (again make sure it's an 'out' socket) - then connect the Audio/Video leads (Red, White and Yellow) to it and the other end to your camcorder....
Make sure you are in Video mode (not camera) on the camcorder and there should be something there....
Hope this helps.....

Duncan Craig

It should be a simple process, provide your camera can do it at all!

Please list exatly how you are doing it at the moment, every cable and connector, how they are labelled, in or out, etc. etc.

I assume you are not using the socket at the front of the TV, they won't work. Also check that your camera has an analogue input.


Hi FastSi

I have a PC8 myself and have no problem recording from TV.
In my manual the procedure i described on page 113
"Recording video or TV programmes".

Just follow that and you should have no problem.

If not, I suspect your TV has no output just input;
so in that case you might want to connect to the scart on a videorecorder.


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