Sony PC6, Firewire and huge files!!!!



I've just started to transfer holiday films and stuff from my Sony PC6 via firewire (1394) to my desktop. The idea is to get them cut onto DVD using my new Philips DVD writer.

I'm using the wizard from the ULead software, supplied with the camera. If anyone can help me with these questions I would be very happy!!

1. Why are the file sizes so big, 2 gig for 20 mins sound and audio?
2. The AVI files created can be read by Media player, but not by Sonic DVD (my DVD Authoring tool). Do I need a special Codec installed?
3. Is there better software I should get?
4. Why can't this whole DVD writing stuff be easier??




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I will try to answer as follows:

1. 2Gb for 20min is quite small! Normally DV-AVI's are about 4Gb for 18 mins. Full resolution video files contain an enormous amount of data, DV does compress them, but not as much as MPEG2.

2. Ulead software usually captures DV as type 1 files, but I suspect Sonic DVD requires type 2 AVI's. Try different editing software - Pinnacle use type 2 AVI's or find an authoring program that will accept type 1's - eg Ulead DMF.

3. Use Studio 8 it is a first class editor and will burn directly to DVD.

4. I think Studio 8 will make it simpler for you, as it is all in one package, but video editing and DVD burning is still very new and is still developing. The first Firewire/DV editing program only came out in 1999 (Studio DV)


Jef thanks!

1. Well, you live and learn!

2. Rather than capture all my files again (yes I know I should of done one and tested in first), is there any freeware that could convert the files I have?

3 & 4. Hoping not to spend anymore money, but thanks - I shall look into it.

PS Anyone want to swap my PCMCIA Firewire card for a PCI Firewire card? Want to use my desktop for editing now, not my work laptop!

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