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Sony P5 or time for new camera?

Discussion in 'Photography Forums' started by sjennings, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. sjennings


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    I have been using a P5 for over a year now and whilst I have been impressed by its performance so far I think I may need a change.

    I took some awesome shots on hols in Oz but would really like to have more manual control over my camera.
    I cant see in the manual or the cameras menu that you can set the shutter speed but each pic can tell me at what shutter speed it was set at. Im assuming that there is no way of setting this manually.

    If this is the case I have a decision to make, buy a new digi cam that will let me have manual controls or buy a manual non digi SLR and get my shots developed and then if needed scan (film or pic) and run them through the photo editor.

    If anyone could comment on this, I would really like a digicam but money is a bit short since blowing it all in Oz.

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