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Since no-one answered my last thread (over 100 people viewed it though) I'm asking the same question again.
Which amp should I go for: the Sony STR-DB1080 or the Yamaha DSP-AX2? Both can be had for around £400 so i'm wondering which one to go for.

Someone must have an opinion... Please....

I would go for the Yammy , never liked Sony's with music. I also used to own an A1 which was a brilliant amp.

Dave Taylor

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What size front speakers will you be using, i.e. will you set the amplifier to Large or small?

IMHO it may decide which one you choose, I have had both amplifiers at home for a long period and have evaluated them Thoroughly


I'll be using Acoustic Energy AE120 floorstanders (larger than your average floorstander) plus Aegis 1's for surround and rear centre duties and an Aegis centre at the front. Oh, and a Celestion sub. I listen to 50% music and 50% films. Obviously I'll demo the 1080 before i buy but unfortunately this isn't possible with the yamaha (mail order!). I know PLII is absent on the yamaha, but this isn't such a big deal to me. Basically, which sounds more impressive? Sony or Yamaha?
Cheers Dave. :)

02.55 in the bloody morning! I'm off to bed!


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Ive just sold a Sony TAFE-230 Amplifier and my dad has a Sony STR-DE475 Reciever (i think thats the one, it might be the 425) and to replace my Sony, I just got a Yamaha DSP-AX 620.

It sounds so much better than my dads reciever even though he has his Sony amp through some wicked Realistic Optimus 400 speakers.

I would recommend Yamaha any day, as I have always heard good things from people using their equipment. Im not putting Sony down or anything, but Yamaha do have the advantage I think.


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I've had one Sony (that popped) and one Yammy (that didn't). Yamaha was superior on all counts (Sony was marginally easier to use I suppose).

I played with a few of each when i was looking for my new amp, Yamahas had the edge at the low end I would say. Can't afford to be looking at top notch gear.

Dave Taylor

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If you are setting you speakers to Large then I would not touch the Yamaha, The Yammy does have PLII but they don’t use the sub in that mode.

Explain: The choices for the Sub on the Yammy are :-

Both = Any LF from the front channels is sent to the Sub as well as the .1 in any 5.1 mode, which really sounded boomy.

Main = Use this if you haven’t got a Sub

SWFR = All the LF (below the fixed crossover frequency) goes to the Sub

So if you want to use your sub when using prologic you net to use the Both setting and when watching anything in 5.1 you want the SWFR setting, unfortunately it not easy to change (even if you have a Pronto) (trust me I can explain)

Now with the Sony when you tell it you are using a sub it is fine in 5.1 like the Yammy but in prologic or any other auio mode (if you want) it also sends any LF to the SUB i.e they are implementing pseudo 5.1 in Pro-logic II. I have spoken to Sony about this which they made the descision to do it this way.

Double blind test

Whilst I had both amplifiers at home I set them up with the same CD source and connected my speaker up with some high quality gold change over relays so I could switch the speakers form one amp to the other (with minimal disruption in sound)

.I invited a friend around who is into hi-fi and asked him to bring some CD’s which he knew. I made sure that both amp were at the same level before he came. I sat him sown and handed him the change over switch (which was not marked) and asked him to listen, he kept switching from one to the other (he had no way of knowing which was which) and at the end of the day he, like me really could not notice any difference between them

So I kept the Sony and have been very please with it since

I have also auditioned the Denon 3802 and 2802 I did not like in PLII mode

Hope that helps


Cheers Dave!

I think i'll be sticking with the Sony 1080. But just out of interest how much difference do the front effects speakers on the Yamaha make? Is it noticable or just a gimmick?

Oh, and does anyone know where the cheapest place to buy the 1080 is? Superfi do it for £380 i think. Is anywhere else cheaper?

Cheers all!:) :) :)


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£370 at superfi go in and you will get internet price if you ask


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That's right. I have bought one at the Birmingham Super-Fi store at the internet price, as it was impossible to get through to the extremely busy internet sales line based in Coventry to confirm availability

On top of that, they sell the official UK tuned models (red badge on front), unlike some places which will give the you the European model which I believe has component video inputs.

Can't go wrong, plus you can get a 3 year warranty for an extra £10.


So you didn't actually have the DSP-AX2 then? That was the one I was talking about. Never mind, I'm going to audition the 1080 anyway. Has anyone got any idea what i can do with the spare AE Aegis 1 left over from the split pair? Is there some way i can hook this up to the rear as well. Any ideas are much appreciated.

Cheers again.

Dave Taylor

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Sorry about the confusion I just saw the 1080 and DSP-AX and missed that it was a 2, the 1080 and DSP-AX630 are similar products.

I believe the bass management is the same on most of the Yammys I know it is on the 630, 730 and 1200

Let me know what you end up with and you thoughts

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