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Sony or Panasonic 24"?

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by avpja, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. avpja


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    Hi :hiya:

    I am looking for a TV to use in the bedroom.
    I would love a LCD, but i could not put up with the dead pixels, so i am not thinking about them just now.
    (tho someone who knows different can change my mind)

    I have been looking at:

    Philips 24PW6407
    Panasonic TX24PS1
    Toshiba 24Z33
    Sony 24LS

    I didnt like the Philips or Toshiba. The picture control seemed mince - waving all over the place depending on the colours on screen.

    The Sony seemed quite good, as did the Panasonic.

    Ive read that the panasonic is 'digital' 50hz.
    Whereas the Sony is staight 50Hz.

    Anyways, disregarding the cost differences - whats the best one to go for? Any opinions on the two screens?
    And if anyone knows of 0 tolerance dead pixel LCDs then that would be considered. :smashin:

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