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Hope someone can help choseing a mobile phone i have narrowed it down to two the Nokia n73 0r the sonyericsoon 800i cant make up my mind which is the best i have herd good things and bad on both models so a bit of help from pepole who have them on this forum can hopefully help which is the best one to have thanks
i have the n73 and think its a beltin phone and its symbian so it runs all sorts of aplications ,amazing camera and its got a huge screen, i cant stop playing with it, and i havent played with everyhting yet i love new toys:D


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I just got the Nokia N73 on Vodafone contract. Its a real leap forward from my old Nokia 6230.

I hadn't even seen this phone before I ordered it. It looks even better than the photographs I had seen and the silver/plum finish looks very classy. I am still figuring out how everything works - the feature where the phone reads the name of the caller is cool!

I just need to order a memory card for this phone now once I decide if 1GB is enough or do I really need 2GB?

Glad I didn't get the Sony!


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With the greatest respect you should get yourself along to a mobile shop and find somewhere that will allow you to have a play with the 2 side by side. N73 owners (me included :) ) are mostly going to vote that way, the K800 owners will be along in a minute stating how much better there phone is and why you should buy that one. Make a list of what you want and in what order, do you want a camera with decent flash (K800), or the ability to add addtitional applications (N73) etc.
i have a 1 gig card and have now transfered over 500 songs and my memory is runnin out fast im wonderin if i should of got a 2gig but ill see how it goes i must admit the sound is very good and very loud :)


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I have a N73 and it is a far better phone than the k800i.

A mate at work got the k800i the same day I got my N73 we both brought them into work and he nearly cryed when he saw mine N73. He wish he got the N73 also. Pleased he didn't though as I winde him up every day.

Screen is so much better, also I think the menus are better also. Don't get me wrong the K800i is a good phone but not as good as the N73

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