Sony or LG 55”. Not Oled. And help with Hertz please


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Hi I’m new here and really need some honest help please, as these retailers pull the wool over my eyes! I currently have Sony 49XE8396, it has an outstanding picture. Online on three different websites I have been told three different things. 1; the tv is 100hz…….2; it’s Motionflow 200hz…. And 3; Motionflow 400hz native 50hz.. Firstly how do I find out exactly what it is? I am looking to change my tv purely for a bigger size. 55”. I’m confused because I don’t really know if I’ve currently got a 50hz or 100hz or even 200hz. I want to know what it is, as it is such a good picture I don’t want to drop down in hertz when I buy. A few weeks ago I purchased an LG Oled. Big mistake for me. I didn’t like it at all. I found the picture dark and despite changing all the settings with LG customer care it really hurt my’s gone back. So I’m stearing clear of Oleds, Qleds etc.. and I’d like a good quality LED / LCD tv 55”. The picture quality is extremely important to me more, than the sound as I have a Canton. But it’s this Hertz that’s tricking me. Can anyone help please? I’m considering Sony or LG but would also consider Samsung maybe ? Hope someone will help.

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So I’m stearing clear of Oleds, Qleds etc.

QLED is LCD, it's not the same as OLED



Any figure above 60 or 120hz is fake, and relates only to how strong you can motion enhancements on the TV.

The true refresh rate will be 60 or 120hz, in Europe that may be advertised instead as 50 or 100.

Hopefully my guide helps you with your choice, I'd advise if you are going to use the TV for streaming or watching/gaming with HDR content not to go for something less than the entry level HDR TVs in the guide.

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