Sony OLED KD-55AG8 - panel refresh doesnt appear to work


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Hi, my TV started prompting me to run a panel refresh. No problem so I select "refresh now" and the screen goes black, tv off. After about 10 mins the tv makes a heavy clicking sound (one click) and the the light in the bottom of the frame starts flashing flashes red 3 times, then a slight break, then another 3 etc. Is this red flashing the sign that the refresh is working, as the message only states that I might see a white line on the screen, which I don't. I'm guessing it hasn't worked, but how do I get it to work? Sony only state that it will fail if you umplug the tv or the room temp is below 10C or above 40C.....I didn't unplug and the room is 23C.

Any input really welcome please. Thanks.


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This is a very late reply, but I had the exact same issue as you. I resolved it by updating the TV to the latest firmware. I did have auto update on, but this didn't seem to be working, so I had to search for updates manually

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