Sony NX723: Kind of Image retention on black screens sometimes???

Paul MC007

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Hi alll

Just a quick question to see if anyone else has ever noticed this before with any of their Sony sets....

Basically, I have a 2011 Sony NX723 LED set. I run it with LED Dynamic Control on Standard and the Advance Contrast Enhancer on "low" - I know this is probably best off, but just seem to prefer it this way...!

Anyhow, I've noticed whilst watching Freeview sometimes, on a totally black screen - say a programme finishes and goes to a black screen with credits - you can kind of see a "ghost image" or some sort of "image retention" - basically like a "still" of the final shot of the programme before the cut to black.

Now, this doesn't do this everytime and as soon as the black screen goes (and say another picture followed by another black screen) then the static "ghost" image goes as well.... So, it's not everytime - just puzzles me as to what this is exactly?

Does anyone have any ideas?

Cheers in advance for any help!!


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Yeah, I've seen it very rarely, but on Sky, so I don't think Freeview is to blame.
It's just enough to stop the backlight shutting off completely and it makes the black level look terrible. I've had to turn up the brightness to make out what is on the screen.
It's rare enough that I had forgotten about it until your post.
My guess is that it is a broadcast/production issue i.e. a fade to black that stopped before it got to zero.

Paul MC007

Well-known Member's an odd one, as I noticed it on the closing credits of 'Best of Top Gear' for example on BBC2 on Sunday. The white credits going up the black screen also seem to sometimes create some kind of trail....

However, watching the same thing back just now on i-player (both SD and HD versions of the same programme), it is fine.... ????

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