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I'm starting to question the Battery Life of my 6GB Hard Disk Player...

What could I reasonably expect to get from the above player keeping In mind, that I probably listen to It roughly for an hour and a half a day, and I probably use the controls skipping songs and searching for songs for no more than 3-4 minutes during that session.

I appear to be getting a maximum of about 5 Hours If that.

One other thing I will add, Is that when transferring the data to the player, I'm not converting to Atrac, I'm leaving It as MP3 Files, does this use more battery resource, and If It does surely 5 hours Isn't nowhere near enough.

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I haven't got the A3000, only an HD-1 and HD-5H, but I hope this helps.

If the A3000 is anything like the HD1/5, the maximum battery life is easily achievable if you use the ATRAC format, keep the backlight switched off and avoid moving from track to track. (Both the HD-1 and HD-5 cache about 25 minutes of music at a time to avoid having to keep activating the hard drive.)

While I know that using any other format than ATRAC has an impact on battery life, I do not know how much effect it has to use other formats. In addition, the bitrate you use also has an impact - I think that the higher the compression, the less the battery life.

I have always used one bitrate of ATRAC, so I cannot say any more than that. Having said that, a battery life of five hours does seem very low - both my HD1 and HD5 give me much more, even with the backlights on and a lot of skipping to and fro.


yep peters right, for example a wma at 64k bitrate is gonna drain battery very badly whereas an atrac at lets say 350k will take much much less battery.

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