Sony NW-HD5 Disk Access Screen



...Is it just my player (having been dropped 3 times in the 2 or 3 days since I brought it) or does the HD5 always display the wait - accessing disk screen everytime you go from the playback screen to the Find option. This only happens when i have listened to a playlist/album/track for a while (eg 20mins).

Is this normal?

Thanks in advance


Mine does this, its normal. Since after a few seconds the HDD stops while the music is played from the buffer. Once the buffer is empty the HDD starts up and fills the buffer up again. So thats why when you press the search button it needs to start up to read the contents so you can browse the library, so it shows the 'access' box.

It sounds like there is nothing wrong with your player. Although I have dropped mine a few times, but it still showed the Access screen before then.


Let's hope the new Walkmans start to change this behaviour. Even though it's not a big deal, it would be nicer if the database was buffered, instead of kept in the HDD, so that there was no wait to browse tracks.


That would be a good idea, if the TOC (table of contents) was written to a chip, and that wouldn't be a problem since the hard drive is not removable like an MD.
That would save so much battery.
Also even though the next track is buffered, when you skip tracks is also has to start up the hard drive and re-write the buffer, surely there is a way to just cut to another position in the buffer?

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