Sony NW-HD5 connector?



Sorry to everyone if I'm being dumb, but what is the rectangular connector next to the earphone connector for. Is there a specific line-out cable you can but. I'm just using a standard jack to phono lead. Cheers Chip


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It's for the remote (which also plugs into the headphone jack at the same time). I have a 35ELK remote which is very cheap on eBay and works great.

The line out uses the headphone jack only.


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i bought one for my Brothers HD-5 *i'll be also getting one* and i must have got a faulty one. When i put the remote all the way up to the tatty's, the left headphone would screw up and basically have very little bass and treble, *ie vocal content*

Sent it back a few days ago, Hopefully i'll get another one sooon.. :D

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