Sony NW-HD3 or NW-HD5? which one?


john seing

Hi there, I´m looking for a new mp3 player, and after a good search I am between these 2 models the sony HD3 & HD5, can anyone please help me to choose one, which one is better and why?


I would go with the HD5.

HD5 has:
better battery life
play list support
more playback options
brighter screen
removable battery
case is all metal (HD3 has plastic on the top & bottom)
update able firmware


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NW-HD5 or NW-HD1 (upgraded), not HD3, so answer is One NW-HD5.


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Some great deals about on the HD3 now though as people are trying to clear their stock now the 5 is out.

Have had a HD-3 for 4 months and wouldn't change it for anything.


Get a HD5, basically its newer, and has beter stats. If you want to wait get the A3000. I don't know much about the HD3 but I like the HD5 and maybe even over the new one so far.


the HD5 looks awesome.

If you can't decide, look at the website for all the specs, the search for reviews and read them then decide.


I used to have a HD3 and now own an HD5 - I liked the look of the HD3, but the HD5 wins hands down purely for all the reasons stated earlier in this thread. Another factor is that the HD5 is also available in a 30gb version. As for the looks of the HD5, I would say that a gameboy looks a cheap imitation of the HD5 ;)

David Elek

Go with the HD3

The HD3 is Made in Japan, quality, solid, stylish reliable and superb design.

The HD5 is cheapo Made in Malaysia or even China, looks crap and feels tinny.

The HD3 is a design classic and will still be around in years to come when the HD5 will have been consigned to the dustbin of history.



I am sick and tired of a minority of hardcore HD3 owners that continously slag off the HD5 for it's looks. They remind me of die hard Man U supporters that rather watch non league footie than accept the status quo.

Technically there is little to choose between the HD3 and HD5.
I admit the HD3 does look more stylish but day to day the extra features on the HD5 makes its a superior player - notably the battery life and playlists.

My question to HD3 users is how do survive without playlists? I mean once you fill your 20GB you looking at 4-5000+ tracks. I know you can use the Groups functionality but that just duplicates tracks. On the HD5 you can create upto to 8,187 playlists with 999 tracks per playlist. Additionally you can create 5 playlists on the fly in the form of Bookmarks.

Put it another way, on a 12 hour flight what's more important to you. Battery life and all your favourite playlist set up or a better looking player?

Enough said..


Don't worry about the cracked buttons, just get a Proporta silicon case and the buttons will be protected from wear and tear.

Download the manuals to fully understand the features


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Think you'll find more HD5 owners on here busy slagging off HD3's than vice versa. just check this post out for starters, think you'll find it was a HD5 owner bitching first

Personally I actually chose the HD3 over the HD5 purely on price, nothing to do with playlists/looks or a few hours playing time difference.

I spotted a HD3 for £95 and figuered that the few extra features the HD5 had didn't justify an extra £85!!

don't really have a need for playlists, I usually just listen to an album at a time, Bit like the way my music arrives to me on CD's

So to re-iterate my original reply, there are some good deals around on HD3's now it is discontinued, take a look at one and a HD1 & HD5 if you can, see which one offers you the featuers you want at a price your happy with.


I wouldn't bother with old technology, they do release new products because there is new technology not only to make money. It would be like buying an old computer but for cheaper, I wouldn't, it just means it will be less time until you have to buy another.
Just ask yourself, does the HD3 completely meet your needs or is there something that only the HD5 can offer that you need? HD5's are cheaper now anyway, apparently the price has dropped after the announcement of the A3000. I would recommend the A3000 but so far it has failed to give reason for why it is better than the HD5.

Anyway I still say nothing beats testing them both out yourself and then deciding, because the we can only tell you which player we either have or would like to get for ourselves to meet our own requirements.

So john seing have you made your decision yet?

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