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    I transfered a lot of albums from my old computer to my Sony NW HD1 but when I now want to transfer new tracks from my new computer following message appears:

    "Cannot transfer from this computer because the ATRAC HDD contains tracks from another computer.

    All the tracks from the ATRAC HDD must be deleted before tracks can be transfered from this computer.
    If you authorize the ATRAC HDD, you will also be able to transfer tracks from other auhorized computers."

    Do anyone know how i deal with this problem or do I have to delete all my old tracks?

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    Apr 18, 2005
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    I have had a similar problem with my NW-HD3 following a system crash and SonicStage (SS) re-install.

    Tried lots of things to overcome the problem without success. At least for me it allowed me to write additional tracks from my new computer to the HD3 but wouldn't allow me to transfer back old tracks from the HD3 to the new PC.

    The only way around this problem as I understand it is to use the backup facility with SS. You need to be online to recover your backup but the software says it should only take a minute or so.

    If you still have your old PC then try the backup facility and copy the backup directory and files to the new pc and try restoring the files from that, then connect your HD1 and see of that allows you to add new tracks without the "authorization problem"

    Hope the above makes sense.

    BTW I'm assuming that you are running SS3.1, the above may work for earlier version but I have no experience with them.

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