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Sony NW-E107 anyone?


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Does anyon ehave an NW-E107 flash player? (Or the 512Mb NW-E105, or 256 Mb NW-E103?) I got one for my gf (along with my HD5) and think it's a really nice player. Small, round, decent 1-line scrolling display plus icons. The battery seems to last forever and controls are easy to access without looking. (Volume rocker next to headphone jack, hold slider on the left, and play-pause/forward/back are 3 points on the round front faceplate). Sound is good and it has 2 customizable eq settings (bass/treble only) plus flat, and the various shuffle/play modes.

I never see these models mentioned. They are much cheaper than the NW-E4xx and NW-E5xx series. Any other "closet" NW-E1xx users out there?


I, too, bought one of these for my girlfriend -- to replace a slightly bulky HiMD unit.
She really likes it, but it does have a few shortfalls. THe biggest one is the inability to browse for the next track without interrupting the current track.

Still, with over 70 hrs battery life per AAA battery, upto 700 tracks and PINK - she loves it. I, however, prefer my E407.

HiMD NH700 for sale -- anyone?!?!?!


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