Sony NW-a3000, nightmare stories.



i have 2, so far:

in brief, the first time i needed a replacement usb lead, and was told it would cost me £65, and would not be with me until late november (this was at the end of august). i kicked up a fuss, and finally got a lead for £30, sometime in october. i had to get trading standards involved before they cared however, and kept getting shoved between sony and sede-neidis(repair and spares people). bear in mind i paid £30 for a usb cable, NOT the charger block and plug, ect...

and now, the hard drive has packed up.
this time, i took it back to comet, so i actually had someone to yell at. that was on the 30th november. just went back to see them, the response was, "its only been a week, and we only sent it on monday. obviously, this confused me as the 30th, the date she said they recieved it on, was over 2 weeks ago...

she didnt have a clue were it was, and couldnt tell me anyone who would know.

so now i dont know if i'll have it back before christmas, when i need it.

im extremely annoyed, and would not reccommend sony to anyone, and will not purchase any of their products again. their customer service is godawful.


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You wont find their Hi-Fi and Home Cinema stuff in many shops...... Retailer don't like them much either.


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What a load of crap, did you just make this nonsense up?

I think both posters have been smoking something. Firstly Seme-Nedis are just spare parts suppliers for many manufacturers. They don't repair anything.

Comet could have quite easily lost any player you had. Ipod, Zune, whatever. Is that Sonys fault?

I agree that Sony are not at there best, but at least lay the blame at the right doors.

Only Dixons are currently not stocking much Sony, due to an ongoing dispute, but you'll find there stuff nearly everywhere else.


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Sony Amp/ cassette player/ turntable/ circa 1979, used daily and still going strong.
Sony Trinitron 1992, heavy usage (on all day every day) just the on off switch packed up once.
I'm a firm believer in Sony products and bought the NW3000 myself because of Sony's pedigree, can't say the same about their software but that's a different thing.
In the very near future I will purchase one of the Bravia range of their Tv's. A satisfied customer.

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