Sony NS900V - does it do R1 NTSC progressive on a 'region free' machine?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by gavan, Feb 11, 2002.

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    I'm thinking of buying a Sony NS900V to replace my ageing Sony 715 deck and as I just got a projector with progressive video capability, I was wondering if the NS900V would do progressive NTSC on a machine that had been made region free?

    I'm not all that worried about R2 progressive though if there was some hack to get it, that would be a bonus.

    Also, I gather that the RGB and progressive outputs can't be active at the same time. That's not a big problem since 90% of the time I'd be using the progressive outputs to go to the projector but I'd like to know if the RGB _passthrough_ remains active even if the player is configured to output through the component connection. This is important as I have a Sky Digibox which I currently chain to the TV through the 715 for RGB quality. If possible I'd like to retain the option for RGB playback of DVDs on the TV whilst having RGB output permanently passed through on the Sky box - without having to play around with the setup on the DVD player every time I wanted to watch the Digibox.

    Lastly, did Sony ever get a handle on the source switching problems? Although I'd mainly be using it on the projector, I don't fancy an expensive player that causes my telly to switch around the AV inputs when watching a disc.



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