Sony NS900 vs Sony NS905


I may be in a position later this week to change from my 900 to the new 905.

Would this be a good decision? I noticed that the 905 is significantly "less high" than the 900, and wondered if this is detrimental to the 905, as it would seem that there is less space to put in all the goodies.

I don't want to get the 905 if it isn't as good as the 900. I'm assuming that it is a better model, but the size issue is what concerns me most. Is there anything that the 900 has that the 905 doesn't? Has the 905 also got component video out?

I've checked Sony's website for details of the 905, but it still only shows the 900. I checked also leconcepts website, but they don't list the model either.

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Adam Barratt

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The DVP-NS905 includes a newer 12-bit 108MHz video DAC, but the audio is essentially the same as the 900. As the player doesn't include progressive scan, the higher spec DACs are unlikely to make any significant visible difference. The 905 also includes MP3 playback, but has a remote similar to that found with the DVP-NS700, and doesn't seem as user-friendly as the 900's (no back-lit LCD, toggle or jog/shuttle dial).

I think the 900/905 situation is similar to the 725/735 of a few years ago. The newer model doesn't offer any significant performance iimprovements, but comes in a smaller package.

Unless you really want something with the latest model number, I wouldn't spend any money to change from the 900 to the 905. Still, it's your money!



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I dont think the size should in any way affect the performance.I just bought the 900 a few days ago because IMO it looks better than the 905.
If i was u i'd stick with the one you've got.........


from what I've managed to glean and what is partly an educated guess is-the 900 has a lot more audiophile and better quality parts than the 905. this happened with the 725-good cd replay and the 735-mediocre cd replay.

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