Sony NS900 & Tosh Strata 36" & Pure White Screens

Matthew Attoe

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I have a Sony NS900 connected to my Toshiba Strata 36" via component.

Now, I have a little problem when watching a few certain dvds (We Were Soldiers, One Hour Photo and Matchstick men), but can't determine if it's a dvd player fault, a tv fault, a connection fault or something else.

Whenever the picture turns to just pure white - nothing else on the screen, other than the black bars at top and bottom - often used for when someone collapses or similar, the aspect ratio flicks back to 4:3 for a brief moment (about a second) then back to the Wide setting. I've only noticed this on the above dvds, and, like I say, only when the screen goes to pure white!

Anyone have any ideas as to the cause of this?

Many thanks,


Matthew Attoe

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Looks like I've managed to stump some of the finest minds in the AV world...

And to think my teachers said I'd never amount to much :)

It's not exactly end-of-the-world stuff, so I think I can live with it.




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I have a Pioneer 626 DVD Player connected to my 36" Strata and i've never experienced this. Sorry can't be of more help.

Matthew Attoe

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Sussed it out.

Nothing to do with the DVD player, but with the TV.

My Strata automatically switches into WIDE when playing an anarmorphic DVD but is switching to 4:3 when it gets the pure white screen (don't know what causes it to, tho).

I've worked out that if I manually cycle thru all the different aspect modes, using the remote, back to WIDE it forces the TV to remain in WIDE, and thus no more switching to 4:3 at the white screens.

Pleased it was something very simple.



gmt steve

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I think it is your DVD Matthew, or more acurately your player in combination with the Strata. I used to have a Strata and with a Pioneer DVD I never had this problem. Anyway, glad you've sussed a solution.


There are 2 ways that TVs switch between 16:9 and 4:3. One is using a voltage on scart pin 8 and the other is using a teletext style signal inwith the video info.

The pin 8 version works by the source (DVD, sky, VCR etc.) putting the voltage to about 4v for RGB 16:9 or to about 6v for RGB 4:3. Anything over 8v will go composite 4:3, i cant remember what composite 16:9 is. Most things use this method as its reliable and suppored by nearly all TV's.

The other method is data signals riding allong with the video like a teletext signal. The teletext data is normally at the top of the image in a section which resembes white image (it hides in the sync pulses in the frame/field sync).

It is possible that when your DVD outputs a full white frame, some info is dragging into the teletext regions which the TV is recognising as a change in aspect.

That theory of mine is a bit far fetched as ive only seen this teletext in one source on the web in some TV repair guide.

It isnt out of the realms of possibility for this to be happening. It may not happen with other TV's as they may not be that sensitive.

Try same TV, same DVD, same cable, just diffirent Player. If it still happens try in diffirect tv.

If all else fails, ask somone if they can disable your tv teletext to see if that works.

Hope this helpls,


Ive just had another read through and spotted you said you use component, this will throw out the pin 8 thing as its not used so i can only say it is to do with the TV thinking its receiving a teletext change of aspect ration signal.

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