Sony NS900 dvd or Philips 963sa


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Hi folks,

I currently have a Sony NS900 dvd player and its perfect for me - well almost. The only thing it doesn't have is progressive scan. I recently bought a Sony HS1 projector and naturally i want to try and have the best picture so i'm leaning towards buying a philips 963sa player which will do progressive scan for the pj. The only thing is that to fund the purchase of the philips i'd have to say goodbye to the Sony and try and sell it. In an ideal world i'd like to have both but don't think funds will allow for it

How would the phillips compare to the Sony or vice versa in overall terms leaving progressive scan out of it?

Will i have as good a player in the philips if i go for it? Will the pciture from the hs1 be noticably better?


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