Sony N70 as universal remote

Ekko Star

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Was thinking of getting one of these to use as a universal remote.

I have a pronto 940 already.

Is this Sony PDA as good as a prontopro and using software is the onscreen interface as good as well ? or is an IPAQ the better way to go.


Ekko Star

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Yes I think that's the older model, but it'll still do the trick.

They come with remote software pre-loaded but the Omniremote will make it as good as a Prontopro.

Had a good look at a mates NR70V. If you can stretch to it, it's an absolutely gorgeous bit of kit over the 625C and the range on it is meant to be 15-20ft.

The range on it's own beats the IPAQ's. I think the Sony PDA's win for AV enthusiasts remote purposes as they were designed with that in mind.

There is also now just released ProntoLite from Philips which is the S/W for Palm O/S.

I'm off to get one today !:D :D

Ekko Star

Distinguished Member
Ok let us know, that'd be great mate.

Still can't help feeling for only £130 more you would get a better res screen, digi cam, pda, faster processor than the one you just got.

But if you only want it as a remote then it's a good buy in it's own right I suppose.


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Got it from Argos as its prolly the easiest place to return stuff for refund ;)

So if i'm not happy with it or decide the n70 would serve me better I will change it :)


Ekko Star

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Do Argos take PDA's back ? Someone told me they were excluded from their policy ?

Please let me know how you get on with it.


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It works :) its ace :) I will be keeping it :D

Just installed omniremote and taught it my tosh tv very easy to do and works great from my settee aprox 11ft away :)


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Just taught it me Sony 1070 receiver and all ok :)

and it is so much easier than crappy pronto edit :)

This has literally taken seconds to get up and running where as me pronto took days.

Ekko Star

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How did you get on with Omniremote ?

Can you redraw buttons and use channel logos as you can on the Pronto ? Is that all quite flexible & relatively easy to do ?

Went to the shops today and N70 wasn't in stock, but they had the 625. Looks nice and is quite a good design to use as a day to day remote in all honesty.

Though for me the screen was a bit smaller than the N70 especially for my fingers.

Also had a look at the IPAQ's but not convinced about their IR & remote abilities.

Will try to pick up the NR70V on Tuesday. God that is a drop dead gorgeous stunning bit of kit !

Apart from the IR range I'm not sure why anyone would want to bother with a Prontopro at the price they go for compared to these things ?


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Hi Ekko

Yeah you can change buttons backgrounds etc etc in omniremote.

To program buttons u learn from your original remote and is simple.

You can see the range in ft of various palm devices here:

27Ft range for the Clie T series and N series :) and if you really need more you can get 75ft range with a clie ir blaster !!!

I like the N70 but I feel the T625 will serve me better as a remote in everyday use.

My pronto is now in the FS Forum :)

You can also import and export database's for omniremote which is like ccf's with the pronto. There is apparently several sites that have databases for various devices for use with omniremote and i'm off hunting now.


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A bonus with the clie Games heheheh bloody excellent too ;)

Movie database too, now if dvd profiler could do a version for palm os mmmmmm

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