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I am new to Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 Suite and Sony DVD Architect 5.
I have no experience in creating DVD or blu-ray discs or even editing HD movies.

Method 1 using Platinum Suite
First of all, I downloaded camcorder HD movies on my computer hard drive.
Secondly, using the Platinum Studio software to create a new project so I could create a back up blu-ray disc. It failed.

I created a new project and saved it under a file name, let's call it 2013. File size is 540KB as shown on window libraries. However, the actual movies data add up to 21GB.
Next, I clicked Make Movie icon. I was instructed to send the movies to timeline.
So done that. After choosing to burn a blu-ray disc, I get an error message.
The file .........\Sony\Movie Studio Platinum\12.0\2013.iso could not be located. Please select an existing file.

I have no clue what is going on? As I said I am new to all these and I am no expert on computing.
Would someone please patiently explaining step by step on how to use this software? My aim is to burn a blu-ray disc as a back up.

Or Method 2 using DVD Architect
Also I do not know how to use Sony DVD Architect Studio 5 to create a disc.
My camcorder movies contain hundreds of clips.
I find this software's even harder to understand.
I just simply want to burn all my camcorder clips onto discs. No editing required, no menu, no this and that. Just a straight forward job. But no.......
I am required to add one clip after another. Problem is I do not even know how??
It's making life so miserable now. Watching Youtube tutorials don't even help at all.

Or Method 3 using Adobe Photoshop. Is it possible to burn Blu-ray disc using this software?



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it seems to me that (method 1) using Make Movie you chose to "burn existing image file". You don't have that, so you need to choose "render image and burn".
The .vf project file actually has only pointers to your media, so the file size is small.
See here for a short Make Movie instruction
Render Settings for a Blu-ray Disc
There are tutorials in Movie Studio 12 including "How to Add Media to the Timeline" to be found if you click the Show Me How button on the Toolbar.
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