Sony Minidisc MZ-R70 stuck in Service/Test mode


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Hi, new member, so apologies if it's the wrong place! And it may be a bit niche!

I've picked up a Sony Minidisc recorder MZ-R70 which has an intermittent issue. It goes automatically into test/service mode. I've tried looking online and following what others have said such as just removing the power (taking the battery out) but it just goes straight back to test mode. Also tried following a guide for the service mode from, but no help.

Any help would be much appreciated! I'd like to save this player if I could.


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It says to remove a solder bridge on the circuit board or remove the power. I've not had a chance to open it up to see if that had been done. I've also removed the battery but it returns to service mode. It does note that if electrical adjustments are needed it will start in service mode. My best guess is the previous owner started this. But I'm not sure how to go about that. The service manual is hard to follow to the uninitiated!


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I'd say your best option is to open it up and check the solder bridge points.

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