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Help! Having just bought a Sony P12, I thought I’d get a couple of good size memory sticks to go with it. So I bought two 256mb Memory Stick Pros. After filling one stick over Christmas with a combination of movies and single shots, I thought I’d try out the quality of prints, having only been used to standard 35mm prints previously.
I went along to Jessops but their machine could not read any information from my stick – no pictures, nothing. The helpful assistant then tried it on the in-shop computer via a card reader and fine, no problems. He then thought it could be the ‘movies’ on the stick preventing the single shots being displayed. So he transferred solely the shots from my stick onto a compact flash card and tried that in their machine but still nothing!!! We then tried my other stick, which had a few shots on it, and still nothing! He had never come across this before and could not help any further. I then tried Boots just to make sure it wasn’t Jessop’s machine playing up, but theirs to would not read any information from the stick!!
Now although I could transfer the shots myself onto disc at home and take the disc in, or even upload to an internet photo center to get some prints, I would still like to have the convenience of taking my stick along to a high street store for the odd print. I therefore need to get to the bottom of this and would appreciate any advice anyone may have.
Has anyone else encountered these problems with a Memory Stick Pro? Does it suggest the Sticks are faulty or the Camera?
I would be grateful for any assistance.

captain chunk

i dont know why the pictures wouldnt read when put on another memory media but i know jessops in house photo machines wont read memory stick pro as the format is diffrent to regular memory stick, to get around this i have a 128mb standard memory stick that i use for taking images to jessops,i copy my images from the camera to the pc,do any post processing then move the images to the camera (i would have changed the stick to the 128mb) . i have nevr had any problems so far doing this


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Thanks for that Captain Chunk, I'll give it a try with the 32mb stick that came with the camera. Although it still makes me wonder why the pictures weren't displayed when the Jessop's chap transferred them to a standard Compact Flash card?
Given that Jessop's machine doesn't support Memory Stick Pro media, does anyone know of a high street store that does support it?

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