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I'm thinking about a camcorder upgrade & would ideally like a camcorder that allows me to take >2 megapixel stills while still shooting video, without having to switch from video to photo mode. I spoke to my local Sony Centre today but I'm not convinced that the guy understood me. I've checked a few specs online but they seem to suggest that it's either photo mode or video mode. I'd like to go the Sony route again so that I can continue to use the accessories & memory sticks etc. that I already have.
Does anyone know which models of the current Sony crop (if any?) offer this capability. If not, then perhaps any recommendations for another make/model. I know some Canon camcorders have this functionality.

Thanks for any comments.


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On my Sony 16x9 mode disables photo during video


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I have a Sony DPC330 and it also can take pictures during 4:3 record but not during 16:9


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The HC85 and PC350 both take stills > 2megapixel. Whether they can do this while taking video I don't know but you can download the manuals for both of them from Sony UK's website, which will hopefully tell you. (You might need to upgrade to the latest version of Acrobat reader to get round the encryption).


The sony DCR-PC330 (wich I have) does allow you to take photos during 4:3 record but not during 16:9.

However, when you take this photos while recording they will be at maximum resolution of 640 x 480, giving you a total file size of around 150 KB per photo.

If you take "normal" photos they can be at maxiumum resolution of 2016 x 1512, giving you a file of around 1.2 MB per photo.

Those 640 x 480 photos, in my opinion, have not enough quality to be printed in 15 x 10 cm (6 x 4 inch).

OTOH, the 2016 x 1512 photos can be printed up to A4 size, with a very good quality.

Note: I've taken and printed myself (in a sony printer - EX-50) more then 1.000 photos using sony PC-330.

Hope that helps.


Thanks, I had a feeling that might be the case. I was hoping for more than just vga res without switching to photo mode. 640 x 480 isn't enough, as you rightly say. I know Sony are releasing a couple of 3 megapixel camcorders in the next few months so maybe things will have moved on.


Sorry, I should have said have said 2 new 3 megapixel camcorders -
the HC90E & PC1000E.

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