Sony MDRRF850R wireless headphones?


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I'm after a reasonable pair of wireless headphones for around the 40-50 pound mark. They'll be mainly used in my spareroom for my games consoles.

Anyone know if the Sony ones are any good, or if not recommend a decent pair. I've also seen that have a pair of Sennheiser RS120 for 24.95.

I've read previous threads about wireless headphones but none of them have really ansered my question.

Thanks :)


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Have a budget of 50 pounds for a good pair of wireless headphones. Anyone recommend the best i can get with the money. Have to order some soon as they are a christmas present.

Help! :)


Most people on here don't really seem to like Wireless headphones so this may account for the lack of replies.

I am also looking for some wireless headphones as my Sennheiser RS-65's have to much static and low battery life for me. Although they have served me well for 2 years so overall I am pleased with them.

In my search for a replacement I went straight back to Sennheiser and I tried the 'updated' RS120. These are open-back style and are a LOT worse than my old RS65's. The RS120 are uncomforable to wear, sound quality is lower, and static hiss is still there. The only benefit of the RS120 is the longer battery life. I returned the RS-120 to the shop for a refund.

Now I could get the RS-140 and try them, but I believe these are the same open-back style as the RS120 with the only difference being SRS (surround sound) so I don't think they will be any better.

I have a slightly higher budget than you (£100) and I'm finding it hard to get a good pair of wireless headphones. Hopefully someone else on here will be able to add their recommendation.

Sony Wireless headphones don't seem to get a lot of praise but I've personally no tried them. I may well give them a go as they have the MDR-RF850RK which are in my price range.


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cheers for the reply :)

I actually got a pair of Sony MDR-RF875's off a friend at work for a tenner!

Although they certainly have a bit of low level hiss they seem perfectly good for what i need them for. Sound great through my home cinema system, but not quite so good when i plug them straight into my old Sony tv i have in my spare room. Very comfortable to wear as well.

I did try a pair of RS120's on and found them uncomfortable as well.

Would like to be able to help you more but i too hit a brick wall when it came to advice/reviews on the net :)

I did find this on the net which may prove useful :-

hope it helps.


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