Sony MDR-EX70LP Fontopia Headphones


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Does anyone has any experience of these in-ear phones? I am looking for a pair of headphones to use with my hi-fi setup (separates) and don't know whether to buy these or a big traditional pair of over-the-head ones. The phones will only be getting used at home. And also, where can I get them cheapest in the UK?


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I have a set for my minidisk and for that use they are the best in-ear phones I've tried (I've tried lots).
But I wouldn't use little phones for seperates - you'd need a larger plug to fit in the seperate and the little speakers wouldn't have the range either. Get a good pair of Sennheiser phones for around £50 instead.


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I've just sold a pair of these as

a) I don't really get on with in-ears
b) They were a little bass-heavy for me
c) I felt that £35 was a little much for what you get to be honest

On the plus side they were the most comfy in-ears I tried (although still not comfy enough), and they're well-built. They also cut out external noise very well due to the seal they give.

It depends on where you're planning to use them. If you're only going to use them at home I'd get some decent full-sized cans myself - something like the Sennheiser HD-580 which may well still be available online for around £60. Failing that the Beyerdynamic DT231's are a very good buy (around £40).

I've just bought some of the new portable Sennheiser PX-200's which, at £39.99, beat the Sony's hands down for sound-quality as well as being far more comfortable for me. They would also serve better for use at home.......


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I bought a pair of these recently, 2 of my mates also heard them on my MP3 portable and also bought them. They're amzingly bass heavy. This is good however, coz my Grado SR80's sound amazing but arent portable and sap my batteries dry anyway. SO, I can leave the bass/treble levels alone and crank up the volume coz the Sony phones bring up the the lows/mids lacking in most of my MP3 tracks.

I havent heard Seinheiser buds so I cant comment, I have heard good things about the MX500's. Try to listen to both if you can before buying.

These Sonys are more comfortable than the last pair of sony buds I had AND cheaper. I can wear these for hours and not be bothered. They cut out about 70% of external noise (great for the tube). They also have different size silicon buds included for those of you with smaller or bigger than normal earholes.

I bought them from Dixons for £35. They're cheaper to be found on the net from sites like and EmpireDirect for £27 or thereabouts. BUT they charge delivery thus making them only a few pounds cheaper.

Go with Dixons and be happy I say.

Hope that helps mate, let us know how you get on;)

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