Sony LS60 and digibox



Has anyone got a Sky digibox connected by Scart to a Sony xxLS60?

I'd like confirmation that the TV responds correctly to the Scart pin 8 signal i.e. switches between 16:9 and 4:3 modes as you change between anamorphic and non-anamorphic channels.

I've got a Pace DTTV box connected by scart to my LS60 and it switches between anamorphic and non-anamorphic correctly. I presume a Sky digibox would be the same with pin 8?

If you prefer Smart mode for 4:3 material, then you're probably best to turn off the Auto Formatting in the Detail Set Up menu as when this is on, the TV will always revert to 4:3 for 4:3 material (it will always switch to wide for 16:9 material though).
Worth remembering that most Sky stuff is shown in 4:3, so look out for prog's specifically listed as WS to get an idea.
Squirrel God,

Does your Pace box use line 23 switching, though?

If so, it's not a straightforward comparison, because AFAIK line 23 is not supported by a digibox.

Might be worth pointing out that I haven't actually got one of these TVs (yet!)
I don't know what pin my Pace digibox uses to switch - I've checked the manual but there's nothing in there... sorry :(

Maybe you could email Pace and ask them. If they say it uses pin 8 then you know it'll deffo work with the Sky box :)
Yep, need to do some more digging.

Thanks for looking, anyway. :)

BTW, line 23 switching isn't a separate Scart signal, it's part of the video signal, so it works even without a Scart connection.

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