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Discussion in 'Sony TVs Forum' started by richard plumb, Sep 19, 2004.

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    Just read up on Sony's new LocationFree TV. This is either a 12" or 7" portable LCD screen, with wireless LAN built in, and batteries too

    It has a base station that you connect to your Sky box/DVD player and the screen has a touch screen remote which will communicate with the base station and change channels for you. (so far, so like the wireless Sharp screen).


    This things USP is that you can take the TV screen far away - on business to another country even, and connect up via a WLAN hotspot or wired internet connection, and STILL watch your TV from home. If you have Tivo you can even set up recordings!

    So here's my specific situation. I have a Japanese wife, and it'd be great to get Japanese TV at home. I can't justify JSTVs rates for half an NHK channel. Would you think I'd be able to just buy the US version of this and send it off to the inlaws? Sort them out with broadband, and have the screen over here in the UK?

    The only downer I can think of (and its a small one at this first generation version), is why didn't Sony release just the base station and a receiver, which you can plug into a normal TV? Most businessmen would be in a hotel with a TV anyway.

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