Sony Location Free on OS X?


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Hi folks. I've been looking around for a Mac client for my LocationFree base station (LF-PK1) and have drawn a bit of a blank. There is a player at but it won't install as it looks for a pre-existing installation (appears to be just an upgrade). Miglia allegedly did a client too but there's no sign of this on their website.

Do any other Mac users have a Location Free client up and running? Are there other options I may have missed?

Thanks in hope! Paul


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No, drew a total blank I'm afraid. I've found this old link though from when Miglia acquired the OS X stuff - I've not had chance to look at it myself yet.

Pretty annoying really - Sony did their usual trick with LFTV, dropping it after we'd paid over the odds for the hardware and leaving it totally unsupported.

My Mac now has a freeview USB tuner instead but means I don't get all of the extra content from my Sky subscription.


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