Sony Lithium Battery (NW-HD3)


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I'm just wondering how many cycles of recharging will the rechargeable battery last in the mp3 player? Does it act just like any Lithium ion battery? My laptop also has a lithium ion battery but the life of the battery only lasted maybe 1-2 years.. which was when I had the battery in constantly, before I knew how to take the battery out when I had the A/C power on!

Anyway, I use my mp3 player to store all my music on and play it on my computer by connecting it with the USB, as I only have 20gb hard drive on my computer and there's no space to store music on it anymore.

My concern is that everytime i'm on my computer, the red light comes on the player as if it were charging, but obviously if it's constantly connected, it's pretty much fully charged the whole time and only topping up the charge.. but is this damaging the life of my battery by charging it in bits like this, I don't want to keep charging it every time i'm playing music on it via my computer otherwise the battery life might go fast, as it did with my laptop!

Hope this makes sense! Thanks.. :)


Full charging cycle will last about 300 cycles ..& No need to worry when your battry is charged when HD3 is connected to the comp .As Lit-Ion battries are resistant to memory effect.

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