Sony KZ-42TS1 Plasma TV picture quality


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I have recently purchased this new Sony plasma TV and have it connected to PS2, Sky Digital and Sony NS900 DVD player via RGB Scart.

I was wondering if anyone else has any experience of this plasma model, at times the picture quality from Sky and even some DVD's is dreadfull (very bad solarisation). I'm not sure if this is down to the source material being fed to it or if there is actually something wrong with the screen. Would using component RGB cabling help the problem or make it even more visable?

Thanks in advance.

Also any comments on this screen, good or bad would be appreciated.


hi as i just said in the other sony plasma thread i saw one of these in debenhams it was playing the mummy through s-video and was very bad picture alot of solarisation, every body looked like the had bad false tan on, but this might be down to the setup


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sorry for the digging, but a kz42-ts1 came to me,and the picture is really bad. I tried to calibrate via Monster ISF but the tests are not so explanatory and not too objective since i am a noob. Could you help me calibrate this tv or give me your settings? thnx in advance, sorry for my english

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