Sony KV36FS76 SVM cures.


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Having lived with this set for a few months, I have come to the conclusion something needs to be done about the horrible feature known as SVM.
I have read a few rants from other dissapointed owners and I thought it would be nice to get a thread going to see if anything can be done about the problem.
I am sure there are as many disgruntled owners such as myself out there. This feature spoils what is close to being a superb performer, so please lets find a cure!

Paul Atreides

The only way to disable it on my FX66 and other models is to open the TV and cut a wire.

Definitely *not* recommended especially with a CRT that size.

Bernard Barnett

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I'm sure I remember a thread on here, or maybe it was the US forum, about how to disable SVM. Suggest you do a search. As Paul says, though, it involves fiddling among some very high voltages!


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Thanks guys. as I thought. However, since posting my original question, I have talked to my local Sony engineer, and he is pretty sure he can disable the SVM.
An interesting claim, I think it's worth a stab. It'll cost me £25 all in, not too bad if it works... trouble is I don't think it will. he did say he neede a 'special tool'.

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