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.... My first post here, so be gentle with me!

Having searched the forum and found our a wealth of info about the KV36FS76 I have a few questions that I can't find answers to.

I acquired the TV today, and first impressions are that the picture quality is simply amazing in terms of colour and sharpness, but geometry seems to be out. The picture is badly out of horizontal on '0' on the rotation menu, and setting it correctly affect the perpendicular black bars visible each side of the screen when viewing such broadcasts. The picture takes on a 'Parallelogram' effect which I can't correct.

Fist question: Is there a hidden menu that will allow me to adjust this fairly painlessly or is an engineer visit required?

Second question: My old 32" Wega TV was permanently set to 'smart' picture mode. When the aspect of broadcasts changed as you switched channels on Sky, the 32" set used to detect the widescreen broadcasts and change automatically. However, setting the new 36" box to do this has no effect whatsoever - does anyone know the solution?

All of my TV viewing is via Sky (not plus) which is connected to AV1 on the new TV as well. I have not changed any settings on the digibox, and the 'auto-format' option on the new TV has been selected.

I'd be grateful for any input / help.

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DO you mean you like viewing in the original broadcast aspect ratio ? The smart setting on these sets means thyat you will always see a full width picture but it has been elongated at the edges if it was originall 14.9 or 4.3. If you want to view in the original ratio but have the set expand or shrink the picture as appropriate then you need to set the picture format to either 4.3 or 14.9 and set on autofromat and auto resize. I personally leave mine on 14.9 as it is a good compromise betrween 4.3 & 14.9 material. The set then expands the picture for true 16.9 pictures.
As for the geometry issue, if your picture has a trapeziod problem then you can possibly fix this within the service menu. Please note that if the geomatry is out in the horizontal plane, there is nothing that can be done about that ! There have lots of posts on how to access this in these forums.


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Thanks for replying Wibble.

In a non-technical sense: My old Wega was permanently set to 'smart' which meant that if I was watching Sky News for example, the picture would be stretched to fill the screen, losing some information in the process.

If I then switched to BBC News 24 which broadcasts widescreen, the TV picture would automatically switch to widescreen, and back again if I reverted to Sky News.

My KV36FS76 (which has now gone tits-up - see didn't want to do this when set on smart.

The picture output settings on the digibox weren't changed when the new TV arrived by the way.

The picture was fantastic by the way - While it lasted :confused:


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