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First post, so here goes.
I've just replaced my Tosh 36ZP18Q for the Sony, after not being able to put up with the picture 'flickering' and colur stains. The Sony is an ugly mother but better from the side view, (mine is against the wall instead of a fireplace), and it has no component inputs which is a shame ( tosh dvd). Anyway, my problem, and I'm sorry for the new post as I realise there is a large thread in this TV alredy,but this post has four specific questions and I'm not sure if you all keep re-reading threads.
1. There is a dip in the top RHS horizontal geometry, more noticable watching wide screen films with the bars,can this be adjusted in the service menus?
2. As previously mentioned in other posts, my RGB setting is also fully to the RHS, but to get the picture completely to the right the picture size has to be increased such that I am losing picure info on the left, shown clearly when in PAP displaying the same image. Can these RGB postions be adjusted further in a service menu? (RGB from Cable and DVD)
3. Does anyone know how to access the service menu?

Finally for those still reading most biggest problem!

4. The screen is slighly out of focus on the LHS about a 4 inch wide strip from top to bottom, noticably again in PAP, view the same image, the clock on BBC breakfast is out of focuson LHS picture, also apparent when viewing split screen text. Is this a 'covergance problem' can it be adjusted out?
John Lewis are getting Sony to seen out a Techician, what experiece have people had with Sony Tech guys, sorry thats five questions.
Using THX set up disc on AOTC overall gemetry v.good apart from top RHS but focus not as noticable than when viewin teletext
Thanks in advance.


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The focus is like that on my FS76 also. It was like that on my 2 FQ80s also, so i have learned to live with it - its obivously something to do with the tube. It really doesn't annoy me half as much as the faults i had with my Philips 9607.

Sony guys are fine as long as they are authorised which im sure they will be.

Let us know whats happens...

...oh and yes the service menu can sort your other probs - but if you are getting an engineer out, let him do it ;)


Has anybody found the same with their fs76, I would like to know if this is a known 'feature'?
BTW, how do you get in the service menu lads! and lasses of course.


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Turn the set off, hold in both 'p' buttons on the front of the set and turn it on. Then press menu TWICE

DO NOT touch the settings until you have written everything down. You can seriously mess up your TV. You have been warned.

Also, don't be tempted to use the reset functions as they put the TV back to the state it was before being optimised at the factory.


Hi Mattheu,

I am also exchanging my 36ZP18P with the sony model FS76.
In your view do u think the Sony is better than Toshiba?



I had an FQ75 with the focus problem so I made damn sure when my FS76 arrived that it didn't have it. The focus on my set as far as I can see is perfect. Is it possible that by widening the screen to get the image to meet the RHS you are blurring the left???



Compared to the Tosh the Sony has picture and picture which I find useful, as my other half always channel hops through ad. breaks, also I'm forever trying to find a portion of Video tape to record something and disrupting the viewing.
The software driving the teletext is faster and sub page is quicker, also picture in text of course.
The sony is also good for OSD, line naming inputs and adjusting individual channel volumes.
It also has multii brand remote, which gives usful ( basic)funtion use to non sony produts. Four scarts no component.
Screen looks smaller due to greater outer casing, tv uglyer, but its growing on me ( not so bulky from side )
Piture quality though, not so good on DVD , lack of component I feel. Black definition better though, not so 'all black' more detail. Also skin tones more realistic ( felt Tosh had a 'orangey/brown tone).
Odd thing though that, with some signals, even the smart setting, does not make it fit the whole screen and is offst to the left ( as on RGB, as previosly said)
Also has rotation control so perfect horizontal lower lines for info banner, Tosh sloped left to right.
Sound not as good, as DD on Tosh preety good, but the Sony aint bad ( most people have AV amps of course ) Dynamic sound good for general use.
Looked at picture again on PAP and screen poor focus on both sides!
The best thing though is no strong picture tint and no noticable flicker, though the Strata, so say has not this ( I didn't lick the strata though).
Three shelves on Sony as well, if the focus and slight geometry cured I'll be happy I swapped.


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I didn't have any focus issues as I did with my FQ75. My two FS76 sets were just slightly out of focus on the left 1/2 inches.

You could have a convergence problem, check out white on black text in these areas, if you can see red/blue or green either sides of the text then you do.

I would send it back, but then my tollerence is VERY low. I won't take substandard products for that money!


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