Sony KV36FS70/6 in DRC50 mode versus Pansonic 36PD30



I currently have a KV36FS70 but I'm considering my next TV purchase. I'm not yet persuaded by plasma but I'm not sure there's a CRT out there that will be a major step up from what I've got. The only one that looks like it might be is the Panny 36PD30.

One particular issue is that I currently use the Sony in DRC50hz mode as it increases horizontal resolution (to 1250 lines). This generally gives an excellent DVD picture (don't notice any horizontal line "gaps" that you can just about make out in DRC100 mode). Also I'm one of those who finds a 100hz picture a bit artificial. I'm not affected by flicker so DRC50hz wins all round, especially for sport.

The Panny PD30 also increases horizontal resolution, but only to 833 lines and at 100hz, so presumably gives less natural a picture. Plus from other posts there seem to have been a lot of quality control problems with the PD30. The main redeeming feature is that it has progressive scan.

Anybody upgraded to a PD30 from a Sony with DRC50 or seen the two side by side ? Grateful for any views on as this will be a major factor for me in upgrading.

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