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Jan 10, 2004
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Overton Morecambe
I have just bought this TV and I am very pleased. However I have a question I hope someone may be able to help with.

When in Personal picture settings mode and on an RGB feed, there seems to be edge enhancment but when I flick to Movie mode this dissapears. It seems worse on Digital TV feeds than DVD.

On Analogue TV settings, the enhancment is not there, only when on DVD or Digital TV, Freeview. It seems particularly noticable on text, ie, the Pioneer logo on the DVD or BBC news icons.

Don't get me wrong, the Personal mode, when set up right looks tremendous. I use this for DVD and TV, TV varies so much from broadcaster to broadcaster it's not worth changing settings. so I just leave it in Personal.

I have tried this on sets in Currys and Comet and both exhibited the edge enhancment, without doubt linked to RGB.

Overall this is a great set and I can recommend it without question.
Didn't spot a question in there mate :)

What you're seeing is SVM (scan velocity modulation). There will be a setting in the service menu called vm-level. Set it to 0 to switch it off. However, some (most, all?) Sony tv's keep vm-level at a setting of 2 in personal mode no matter what you set it the service menu. You can counter the effect somewhat by reducing sharpness setting. If your tv has mpeg noise reduction in the settings, it can help to activate it too.
Thank you for the info. I not sure I want to go into the service menu, if, however this makes a difference it may be worth it. How do I access the service Menu?

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