sony kv36fq80 help


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my sony 36kvfq80 is showing a green tint in the B/L hand of the screen comes and goes sometimes riseing to the top T/L hand side of the screen then coming inwards its only green that come on the screen. yesterday was the worst it went all green then went away this has been happening for about 6 months now. its watchable as it only happens once or twice a night for 2 secs then goes away i have a 5 year warrenry mayfair sony centre but i have to get it to them its to them its to dam heavy for that just yet im just worried it will all go green one day. any fix for this or what it is total novice here. its not the scart maybe its the sky+ box ?? any help


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don't no when its going to happen camera by the tv ok i will try. its a green tint that comes from the bottom leftof the screen then goes away again. i see it on the white sky sports banner that runs across the bottom of the screen the most it will turn it a greenish/blue mist then disappear in to the corner again any ideas.


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That sounds like the effect you get when you put a magnet too close, like in unscreened speakers. Keep them clear then switch the TV on and off a few times, and it will auto degauss the screen.



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If it happens again, switch sky to standby and turn to an normal station or better still an untuned one. If the green tint is still there it may be magnetic inteference as welwynnick said. This can be caused by speakers, phone station, radiators or even pipes in the walls.

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