Sony KV32LS65 Problem - Advice?

Adam Barratt

Standard Member
I recently bought this television, and have noticed an annoying problem with the picture. Whenever a film has a bright, pure white scene the picture goes completely haywire, scrolling uncontrollably. I noticed this first looking at a test pattern on Video Essentials but didn't think it would be a problem with standard movie DVDs. I have now seen this scrolling on two DVDs in the last two days (Thirteen Days and Resident Evil).

Has anyone heard of this problem before? jumping/fading to white is a pretty common technique on film, and having a TV that goes nuts every time this happens is a little much. Any advice? Picture quality is otherwise excellent, and it would be a shame to have to return it.


Squirrel God

No such problem on my KV28LS60 (almost the same model ;)).

Suggest you get it replaced - that doesn't sound too healthy.

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