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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by cuffy, Oct 24, 2001.

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    thinking of buying a sony kv32ls35,any good?
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    Aug 4, 2000
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    This is from a previous reply of my Sony KV32LS35S and do a search for this model:-

    The looks and the fact it was my first Sony widescreen,having tried Philips and Panasonic,made me buy this one,having had Sony 4:3 before which have been colourfull and sharp.

    The only thing I could fault it on is a small line 1" in from the right in widescreen half way up that stands out more than the other faint lines in the same area on both sides,in lighter conditions,only in full widescreen though and not all the time.Along with this there is some dark staining on both sides in lighter conditions.I've looked at a few in the shops and they all have these slight lines.No tv is perfect.

    This is not noticeable during normal viewing and is within the tellies design spec I would say and is something to do with the beam focus via the grill spreading out in widescreen at a guess,which I can live with.

    My picture can be razor sharp,colourfull and detailed depending on source material.

    The colours are fantastic in RGB with my new Pace NTL Digital box.

    It's built like a tank.

    Limited teletext,but I read NTL Interactive now.

    The sound is fine as well.I don't like having to go into the sound menu to get the sound out from the rear phonos to the amp though.It's not a very high output,even when turned up.Since I get a bit of interference this way also,I've bought a Scart to phono out adapter which by passes all this and has solved my sound problem.

    Overall,after 3 weeks I am happy and getting more impressed by the picture the more I watch it and am happy to keep it for a long while and enjoy actually watching a film or programme,fingers crossed,which is how it should be.

    No real nasties or bugs then.

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