Sony KV32FX68 Sound Problems



Hi all,

A couple of queries for you.

I have my Sky+ box connected to the TV via SCART. Sky+ is also connected to my amp via an optical lead and the TV is connected to the amp using phono leads.

Sound from Sky+ through the optical lead is fine.

Sound from TV (on Sky+ channel) through the phono leads is fine.

However, there is no sound coming from the terrestrial channels (either through TV's speakers or the phono leads).


On my previous sony TV the settings were retained when the set was turned off (or put into standby). On the new one they are not. The speakers must be turned off every time the tv is switched on, even from standby. Is there any way around this?


Also on the old TV you could assign AV inputs to channel numbers, i.e. Sky+ was on 9, DVD was on 0. Is there any way to do this on the KV32FX68?
a scart to phono adapter from av2 will give you whatever sound is on screen. Without needing to turn tv speakers off.
Is it only AV2 that works? I tried AV3 as I want the RGB input on AV2 to be used for the DVD player.

I had no luck with AV3 though. :confused:
AV3 will output ok but has to be selected and then only from TV (aerial) a1 or av3. you can get a scart to scart lead with phono leads that would do it I have an all in one and the scart to av2 Iget everything back to the unit ie TV or a whatevers going through it vcr.vcr, freeview its worth trying
OK, have sorted out the problems described in my first post. Just in case anyone else has similar problems here is what was wrong.

Problem: No sound on terrestrial channels.

Solution: The channels were tuned in on the correct frequency but were using the wrong system. It was defaulting to "B/K" but once it was changed to "I" the sound worked perfectly.

Problem: Speaker settings not stored.

Solution: (more of a workaround) thanks to jaymac for his suggestion which is basically what I did. The volume setting is stored so if you turn it down the volume to nothing it will stay there even after you turn off and on the TV. I got a scart plug that takes phono connections and use this on AV3. The previous scart I used was for input only which is why I was not getting any sound.

Problem: Assign AV inputs to Channel IDs

Solution: None as of yet.
Glad your nearly sorted you could still use your dvd to av2 but with a scart to scart with phono leads. Could save a lot of configuring. Just one other recount why can you not use the phono outputs now? ie turn spks. off in menu (detail) and then turn tv volume up till it gives the reqired input level to suit your amp
I am pretty much sorted out now. Sky+ is on AV1 (RGB), DVD is on AV2 (RGB). Sound from TV (for terrestrial channels and vcr) is being output to the AMP via AV3.

This is all fine.

The phono outputs worked fine but it would drive me mad if I had to turn off the TV speakers every time I turn on the TV so I am happy enough to leave the volume down all of the time (this does not reset when the set goes into standby) and use AV3 for audio out.

Thanks again for your help.

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