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I took delivery of a Sony KV32FX68 yesterday and after figuring out that it wasn't auto switching its screen format due to my SCART switcher removing the widescreen switching signal (duh) I set to work on the expectedly terrible out-of-the-box picture. I have tweaked it with the THX Optimiser but am having strange colour problems - see photo. There is a strange ghosting effect between different colours which looks pretty nasty in normal TV broadcasts through Sky Digital and through my DVD player (all connected through RGB SCART). I have swapped SCART cables, taken my SCART switcher out of the loop, and (surprise) the set it is replacing has no problems.

Is there anything I can do about this apart from phone the retailer and getting them to have a look at it? Service menu maybe?



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turn down your sharpness control!
I have mine at around 40%.

I may be wrong, put I think this effect is down to SVM which can't be easily defeated, but it is certainly helped by setting the sharpness control correctly.

There's a thread somewhere here which aims to find a way of switching off SVM permanently. I don't understand it though.


yes, see my thread as I disabled SVM on my FX68.
our color decoder, however, is far from perfect.
you need to live with some ghosting effect...

ahhh... don't trust in test patterns,
I spent so many hours to understand
why were sooo much bleeding on my
SVE colour bars pattern and guess?

was the pattern!! (check on pc TFT if you've 1)


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Sharpness and Noise Reduction seems to be disabled with RGB sources. Also I tried Movie Mode which is supposed to reduce the SVM effect a bit which didn't help. There was an article on the news with someone in one of those reflective yellow jackets and it looked completely awful.

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If you are talking about the edges of those color blocks then I think it's MPEG compression, you might notice a similar effect with JPEG images on your PC.

If you don't have a calibration disk you can set the sharpness to the same level as movie mode, which I suspect to be the correct level on my FX66. Use a ruler or tape measure to get right, watch out for static if it's metal though.

Noise reduction is for the analogue tuner, you can adjust sharpness while watching that and go back to RGB when you're done.

Velocity Modulation can only be disabled by opening your TV, which I don't recommend unless you know what you're doing.

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