Sony kv32fx68 and John Lewis Price Match anyone?


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Hi I've just found this forum, and have become a member.

Great work guys on all that has gone on before.

Now onto my problem, I've been looking at getting a £" inch widescreen, and a Sony KV32FX68 seems to fit the bill (I've always bought Sonys for the last thirty years). Now normally I always use John Lewis (Oxford Street Branch since they shut my local Pratts of Streatham nearly 13 years ago). They are currently selling it for £911, and have a special deal to throw in a DVD video recorder combo, which I don't really want.

I would love to but this TV from John Lewis, but not if I could get it cheaper else where. I've seen lots of threads about John Lewis, but none of them seem to be recent (later than March) and concern this particular TV.

So my questions are

Is this still a good TV to get (no flame wars please)? THe reason I ask is that it's been around awhile, but I've not seen signs of a replacement from Sony at the same price point the KV32FQ70 seems to be a lot more expensive, and doesn’t appear on their web site.

I've seen this TV a lot cheaper than £911 for stand and 5 year guaratee at the Total Digital website, but I guess John Lewis won't price match with their £675 price? Does anyone know of someone that John Lewis will pricematch the KV32FX68 or KV32FQ70 that are considerably cheaper?

Many Thanks and keep up the good work


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John Lewis will only pricematch with a bricks and mortar store and the particular item has to be in stock at both John Lewis and the store you want them to price match.




Try price matching against digital point http://www.digital-point.co.uk.

They have a store here:

259 - 261 Soho Road
B21 9RY

Telephone: 0870 7547070

John Lewis's local stores email and phone numbers are on their website.


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John Lewis Southampton price matched Total Digital (give them the address of their real store from the Total Digital site) at £695 as Total Digital charge £20 delivery. I also got the free DVD/VCR combo, they gave me a choice of that or £200 off the Sony GX3 DVD recorder.


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Hi. I phoned JL about a price match for the Sony TV at £911 against Total Digital at £695 inc delivery.They said that they will get back to me as they needed to check out the price to see if it was correct.
The chap from JL was really suprised at the price that Total Digital was selling it at :eek:
I am still waiting to hear from JL ( Been 4 days now ). I hope that they will price match and also throw in that DVD/VCR combo :lease:

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Hi D3NNO, I've just asked John Lewis Oxford Street for a price match with Total Digital, whose price is £675 plus £20 for delivery. This total of £695 is still a lot cheaper than the official JL price of £911, but they do give you the 5 year warranty and currently free video/DVD combo. They told me it would take 3 to 4 days to get back to me, keeping my fingers cross. There are some other retailers they price match with at £750, which is still a worth while saving


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:clap: John Lewis Have price matched the Sony TV for me at £695 delivered. Expected delivey 21/5/04. They wont throw the DVD/VCR combo in though as it`s not in the price match. Ah well never mind,still getting a good deal on the TV

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I was passing John Lewis Oxford Street this afternoon, so I thought I would go in and ask, as it's been since Monday that I rang up the undersales department about price matching with Total Direct's price of £675. The guy in the Audio Visual department said that Total Direct was an Internet Company, and so they would not price match. They said I should try ringing again on Monday.

Did you have such a challenge, and if so what won the argument. As far as I can tell both John Lewis and Total Direct have an Internet presence, as well as physical shops, and both sell the same TV at the same price in their physical stores as their Internet sites. I actually want to price match the store price of Total Direct with John Lewis, so the Internet doesn’t really come into the argument, what else can I say?


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No problem like with me i`m happy to say. JL price matched Total Digital at £695. Tell JL that it is an actual shop aswell as an internet shop so if they want to send someone round to Total Digital to have a look they can.
JL price match policy means that they should match the price of Total Digital. Sorry i can`t be more help.

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Great news, John Lewis have agreed to the price match with Total Direct, but after a lot of debating and arguing for over two weeks. £675 plus £20 for delivery, making a total of £695. They will be delivering on Wednesday 2nd June. Thanks to everyone on this message board. A great saving on the usual John Lewis £911 price. :laugh:


I've just placed an order at JL Solihull for the KV32FX68 + video DVD thingy for the princely sum of £675 including free delivery. LUCKY ME!!!

And even better, It's being delivered this Saturday.

My experience was to ensure that you don't talk to the normal people on the JL phones but to ask directly for undersales. I tried several times and got fobbed off (they didn't return calls and dropped the line). Therefore, I just asked to be put to undersales and within 20 minutes, they were selling me the TV for 675.

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